Friday, March 12, 2010

One of these days I will be all caught up

I left off just before Christmas. I had to work Christmas Eve but was off at 5 so could still do something. Sean decided to cook a big Christmas dinner with lots of yummy veggie stuff! He even made his own ravioli (including the pasta) that was vegan for Dan. It was a great meal and I had lots of fun with everyone who was there. I was off on Christmas Day so I went to Sean’s bright and early to help him get ready. He said that he would do a big breakfast for the entire pavilion. He made pancakes, bacon, sausages...I can’t remember what else, but breakfast food. The best part of the morning was that he went to the UPS store and bought two HUGE bags of the packing peanuts. He put only one bag out at first so it looked like it had snowed. After a lot of people had played in it, so it was lots of little pieces, we convinced him to open up the second bag. After everyone was done with breakfast we cleaned up the dishes and Sean, Mel and I went back to our apartment to open presents. Then we all took turns skyping with our family while the others played with our new toys. I think the best gift (or most used) that any of us got was the Mel got an electronic version of Catch Phrase. We play it all the time! A little bit later we were all really tired so we watched some tv and napped. One of the girls in the pavilion was doing a Christmas dinner that I had full intentions of going to, but I slept right through it. So our Christmas dinner was Mac and Cheese (fancy, right?) and we relaxed watching some more tv. It was a really different Christmas then I would have had at home but lots of fun.

On boxing day a few people had planned to have go to the theatre for a movie marathon. I didn’t want to see the first movie so I met them for the second....Alvin and the Chipmunks J The next movie was It’s Complicated, but it was sold out so I went to see The Princess and the Frog. Next was Up in the Air, which was really good. My last movie was Nine which I loved! They were planning on going to see another one but I was tired so I went to catch the bus home, I think the one they were going to see was sold out so they left. I had fun going to see all the different movies, but I felt really tired after so I don’t know if I would do it again.

Not much else happened until New Years Eve. When I first got to Florida I was hoping that I would have it off so that I could go into the park and enjoy myself. So I was a little disappointed that I was scheduled from 4 until 1 am. My opinion was quickly changed though. Yes, we were crazy busy but most of the guests were in really good moods. Plus one of my favourite managers was working. I like him because he knows that we can do our jobs so he is a lot more relaxed with us. About halfway through the night I asked him if I could be down at the cart during the fireworks, I was already on floor stock so he said he would keep me on that and I could be wherever during them. Words can’t even describe how amazing the fireworks were. Before midnight they went around to the different countries to say what time they celebrated the New Year and set off fireworks behind their pavilion. Then as it reached midnight they said how Canada, Mexico and the States will be celebrating and then we did the countdown and the fireworks went off. I have a video of them (yep, I broke the rules and brought a camera out on stage, but that manager walked up as I was doing it and just laughed), it does not do them justice at all. After the fireworks were over it was just funny for us to watch people trying to get out of the park. There were tons of people so they weren’t moving very fast. When we were done and walked through cast services they had some food for us and the hats that they were giving out to guests. Sean, Mel and I didn’t even bother going to line up for a bus we walked to catch a cab as soon as it came in the parking lot. The line (an actual line, not a clump of people pushing to get on the bus!) for the bus was crazy long. They even had security there. Here are the pictures from that week. The first video is the fireworks over Italy. The second video is the rest of the fireworks, starting over Morocco.

On the first mum arrived. Luckily she came in later so I could sleep in and recover from the night before. The weather the whole time she was here was freezing cold. I know I’m from Canada and I should like the cold blah, blah, blah, but it is a different kind of cold and we do not have the clothing to keep warm. Mum and I went around to see all of the Christmas decorations and festivities before they ended. This included the parade and fireworks at Magic Kingdom and the Spectacle of Lights at Hollywood Studios. One day when we went to Epcot we did the Kim Possible thing they have. You get a little cell phone and you need to go to different parts of a pavilion in order to beat the bad guy. It was designed for kids because they sometimes get bored while walking around World Showcase, but it is definitely fun for adults (or big kids) too! On the Sunday mum was here we went to go and see some manatees with Ashley. There was tons of them!! We also did a backstage tour of Animal Kingdom. This is a tour we have wanted to do for years so we finally decided to. It was neat to see back stage, including the elephant barn, the vet clinic, and the building where they make the food for every single (captive) animal on Disney Property. Obviously most of them are at Animal Kingdom but it also includes the animals at the Seas in Epcot, the horses used in Magic Kingdom and the dogs used by security. I'd do that tour again because each tour guide knows different things . Here are the pictures, part 2.

After Mum left I haven't done too much. There have been some random things I've taken pictures of. Rhonda and I went to Magic Kingdom to meet some characters. We aren't sure when Toontown Fair is closing so we really wanted to meet Mickey. Then after we went to see the finals of a cheerleading competition. On another day Ashley and I walked around Epcot. A little bit later Rhonda joined us. When DeAnna was done work we all went to Disney Quest. Rhonda, Rachanne and I went to Boma's at Animal Kingdom Lodge for breakfast. We then did some shopping at a couple of parks and property control before going to see a movie. I got the flu which was gross :( Don't worry, there are no pictures of that. Just after that there was a special event for the Give a Day, Get a Disney Day promotion. Joe Jonas was here, the guy from Dinner Impossible and Ty Pennington!! I wish I had seen him. There was even a little parade. We finally got Olympic merchandise (which flew off the shelves) and a few of us watched the opening ceremonies together. I had some people come to visit me. The parents and brother of my best friend growing up were in Florida and said they would come see me. We had a nice lunch to catch up and the following day took Matthew (the brother) to Epcot. It was really good to see them, especially since they were like my second family when I was a kid. The next thing I did was go home for a little visit so I will post that soon. I need to do it really soon so that I am actually caught up!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Time to Kill While Sitting in the Airport

So I'm going home for a little visit and figured since there is free wireless, I should be productive. (yes I started writing this ages ago but never posted it)

I left off on the cruise. DeAnna, Ashley and I had been looking at different prices for awhile and saw the perfect one so we worked on getting the time off. (Which I could only get because I have amazing managers) and then we booked it at like midnight one night. We left on November 17, first taking the E bus to Hollywood Studios where we walked over to the Swan resort, sat around in the lobby then got on the Disney Cruise Line bus!! This was really exciting because they show a video on the drive there with Mickey and the Gang getting ready to go on their own Disney Cruise. When we got to Cape Canaveral we left our luggage and went through security. Then we went up into the cruise line terminal to check in. The next stop was to get our keys and get a picture taken that is attached to the key. We had to use that key every time we got on and off the ship so that they could keep track that everyone was on board. After the picture we got onto the ship!! And went straight for our first buffet! It was so good! Then we found our room and explored the ship for a bit before the big deck party. Every night on the ship there was a show, they were all amazing! We also had amazing meals. Our wait staff was the same every night so they got to know what drink we would order and what kind of food we would like. If we were undecided about something they would offer to bring us both. I felt guilty if I didn’t order an appetizer, entree and dessert. We also sat with the same people every night. We were with a young couple who thought that we were all crazy. They also thought that we were all 18! On the first day of the cruise we met an older couple and had a good conversation with them. They were from New Jersey and the wife works at the Disney Store so we had lots to talk with them. We kept running into them so they asked our server (we had the same one) if they could just join our table for meals. On the second day of our cruise we went to Nassau, Bahamas. We wandered around a bit and did some shopping. There was a huge market there, with barely enough room to walk through. If we would stop to just look at something people we start telling us prices. It was a little intimidating, but there was lots of nice stuff to see. After walking around we decided to take a boat over to the Atlantis Resort. It was $6 I think both ways and the boats we took were the sketchiest boats I have ever been on. But walking around Atlantis was beautiful....much nicer then Nassau. After going to Atlantis we went back on the ship and lazied around. The next day we went to the Disney private island of Castaway Cay. It felt like a paradise, especially for me because there were so many little Disney things. We took the tram over to the adults only beach and of course ran into the couple from New Jersey. We talked to them for a bit, went in the ocean, ordered some daiquiris and then layed in the sun. After a little nap we wandered around the island. Ashley and DeAnna decided to go back to the ship so I wandered around a little more, had some lunch and then joined in a sand building thing. It was just me, a family and the cast member but it was still fun. Then I found a hammock and relaxed before going back on the ship to meet Ashley and DeAnna. The last day of the cruise was out at sea so we wandered around the ship a bit, watched a movie while laying on the top deck, went to the adult pool, and then went to a little class on how to build animals out of towels. That night there was a little goodbye show in the main lobby, then back to the room to pack. :( The next morning was early to have breakfast, go through customs, then get the bus back to Disney World. I had to work that afternoon which was hard because I was so tired from the cruise. But it was lots of fun. I would suggest that if anyone has a chance to go on a Disney Cruise they should go. I took a billion pictures on the cruise so have a look at those to help things make more sense. Day 1, continued. Day 2, continued. Day 3. Day 4. Day 5.

The rest of November and into December I did some fun things. There was a Thanksgiving event at Patterson. We put up our Christmas tree!! Candlelight Processional started. Candlelight is an event every year at Epcot. They have guest narrators come in to read the story of Christmas. Throughout the story there is a choir that sings Christmas songs. The choir is made up of both cast members and guest choirs from across the country. I saw John O’Hurley, Abigail Breslin and Whoopi Goldberg. I also saw Chita Rivera, but just as I walked by. Also in December there was a winter formal at the Contemporary Resort. They had different characters there so it was my goal to see them all. I also spent a few days going around to see the different Christmas decorations around. I went to Epcot with DeAnna, Ashley, Cassandra and later Manda one day. DeAnna, Ashley and I went to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. I spent two of my days off to see the decorations at the resorts. I finished off my second day by seeing the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights. This is an actual family from Arkansas. The father starting putting lights up for his daughter and eventually put more and more up until neighbours complained. After a couple lawsuits Disney asked if he would like to move his lights to Florida. They are now on the streets of New York in Hollywood Studios. Every 10 minutes the lights “dance” to different Christmas carols. It is hard to imagine but I have a youtube account now so go look there at the different videos. I spend an hour there taking different pictures. It was freezing cold and my hands were numb but the only reason I left was because my camera battery died.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome 2010!!!

Happy New Year! (Yes I know that January is almost over) Sorry that it has been so long, I don't have a good excuse.

I have been up to so much since the last time I posted. I stopped just before my mum and her two friends, Joanne and Carol, came down to visit. They were here from October 14 until October 22 and we stayed at the Boardwalk Resort on the concierge level. Concierge guests get some fun extra stuff. There is always coffee, tea and hot chocolate out. There is also food out throughout the day. The breakfast was really good with fresh croissants and fruit. My other favourite part was at night when they put out desserts. I had a few days off when they were there so we went to the parks and did a bunch of other fun stuff. On October 17 we went to the special Wishes dessert party at Magic Kingdom. There were tons of different kinds of desserts and of course cold milk!!! We then had a special viewing of Wishes, the fireworks, that I thought was ok but not amazing. We were off to the side of the castle so the fireworks weren't directly behind it like when you watch it from Main Street. I got some neat pictures of the reflection of the fireworks. It was kind of neat to do, but not something that I would do again. Something else we did when they were here was go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. This is separate ticketed event that I had to buy, but there is fun Halloween music, a special parade, special fireworks and all the free candy you can get!! (Too bad the candy wasn't very good) Also there are lots of characters out in special outfits. I brought down a Little Bo Peep (from Toy Story) with me to wear and mum thought it would be funny if her, Joanne and Carol were dressed as sheep. The costumes came out great, there were tons of people looking at us and taking pictures. Of course they fully got into the whole sheep character, they were baa-ing all night. When we went on Pirates of the Caribbean they baa-ed as we went down the hill. One of the guests who was in the boat with us said that he thought it was hilarious. The day after the party we got up early to meet out from of Epcot. We were doing the Backstage Magic Tour. We started by getting on a coach bus and driving around to backstage Epcot. We got off behind the American Adventure and split into two groups. Our group when onstage and looked over the lagoon at all of World Showcase. Our tour guide gave us some info about Epcot and Walt's vision of it. We then went backstage and under the American Adventure stage to see how their show works. It was cool to see how they have made it work, and how they snuck in little details like the speakers. We then got back on the bus and drove over to Hollywood Studios. We entered backstage by Tower of Terror and our tour guides gave us some info about how it works. After a quick break we got back on the bus to the horticultural building and saw where they make topiaries. There were some that were still growing, some that were ready and some that were dead. The website for the tour said that we couldn't take pictures so I left mine behind. I was pretty upset when we got here because our tour guides said we could take pictures!! When we left we went to the Wilderness Lodge and ate at the Whispering Canyon Restaurant. It was set up family style but the chef came and talked to me and make me a really good meal! I was SO full after that meal. Then back on the bus to go behind the Magic Kingdom. The group split in two again, our half went into a huge building that has different shops in it. That is where they building and refurbish most of the things for WDW. Since Space Mountain was still closed all of the vehicles were there to get painted. We then walked over for the laundry facilities. The costumes from all over Walt Disney World are washed there. The best way that I can describe this building is that is like the doors in Monsters Inc. The costumes are separated my a cast member and then everything is automatic. After they are washed and dried they are put on hangers and attatched to another hanger thing that has a little computer chip in it. The costume goes through a different rooms for quality check (haha, right!), steaming and some other stuff. It is then automatically goes onto a rack for a certain park or location. It is really cool to see even if the description doesn't make sense now. Mum, Joanne and Carol left the day after that so here are all of the pictures from when they were here.

On October 24 I went and saw Hanson at House of Blues. Ashley had gotten a tickey but then couldn't go so I rushed over there to meet DeAnna and Darren to see them. The only songs of theirs that I knew was Mm Bop and a Beatles song they did. But it was still fun. Then afterwards I met up with some people and saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I loved that book as a kid so I was excited to see the movie. It was really good, but I won't buy it.

On October 25 DeAnna, Rob, Dan and I went a played mini golf. We got a special holiday package of stuff and one of them was a free game a mini golf! We went to the Winter Sumerland near Blizzard Beach. Here are the pictures.

On October 28 I went to Animal Kingdom with a bunch of the new girls (who aren't new anymore). It was lots of fun because I hadn't been to a park in awhile. After Animal Kingdom we went to Hollywood Studios to do some rides. We then went to Epcot to meet DeAnna to see Boyz II Men. Here are the pictures from that day.

On November 1 I met up with DeAnna and Ashley to see Taylor Hicks. After the show we ate in the Japanese Pavilion. It was really good, I had me some sushi!!! Then we went over to the Beach Club Resort for their campfire. I had some extra marshmallows from when I'd gone before so we made some s'mores using Caramilk bars!!! Then we were going to watch The Hannah Montana Movie on the beach but they couldn't get the projector to work so they played it inside. I only took a few pictures that day.

On November 3 a bunch of us got up early to go downtown Orlando to participate in a heart walk. We all of Volunt-ear shirts and flags which was awesome. A bunch of our managers were there which was fun because I like them all. I didn't have my camera but I love facebook so I took someone elses who was there. Here are those pictures.

On November 5 Craig, David, Rob, Jen and I went along International Drive. We started at the world's largest McDonald's which has pizza! We then went down to WonderWorks which is a really tacky looking tourist stop but was actualy tons of fun!! We spent ages in there before leaving to go to Dairy Queen and the tacky tourist stores. Then dinner at Panera Bread. Here are the pictures from the day.

The last day of the Food & Wine Festival was on November 8 so I walked around after work and took pictures of my food.

Something really exciting in Epcot happened from November 9 and 10th! I closed (worked til 9:30) On the 9th and opened (worked at 10:15) on the 10th. When I left work everything was normal but when I came in the next day all of the Christmas decorations were up and the Christmas music was on!!! I was so excited and had a huge smile on my face all day.

One of our managers arranged a special backstage tour of the Haunted Mansion for November 11. Even though I had already done the tour I wanted to do it again so I had to get up grossly early. It is awesome because we walk through the ride with the lights on, go down into the ballroom, then ride the ride. Since we were the only ones on the ride we were allowed to take pictures!! After the tour Rob, Manda, Alana and I went for some breakfast at the bakery then met Donald in his lumberjack outfit!! Manda and Alana left to go to work and Rob and I wanted to go to Property Control. Since the best way to get there is to go from backstage we asked a cast member in Tomorrowland how to get to the tunnels. She showed us the entrance and we went down the stairs. The stairs led into a boiler room that had a bunch of doors that said not to enter. There were no doors labeled to go into the tunnels so we just started trying them all and thankfully got the one that opened. After that it was easy to find our way to the exit and the bus back to the parking lot. I had a lot of success at Property Control. I found a shirt for my cruise and two ornaments that were barely damaged and that I had wanted to buy anyway. After shopping we caught the bus home. Later that night I went to Medieval Times with Mel, Sean, Heather and James. The vegetarian meal that they have there is really good! We were in the green night section. He is the bad night so we got to cheer for him! We had tons of fun, I'm glad I went. Here are the pictures from my busy, busy day.

A couple days later was the best day of my entire contract! I was off on the 12th so I slept in and then layed in bed reading for awhile. The phone in our apartment rang but I didn't feel like getting it because it is never for me. A minute later my cell phone rang. It was someone from the front desk saying that Mel and I were getting a 1 bedroom apartment!!! I don't know if I've said but I was in a 4 bedroom apartment before. It was ok living there but hard having 8 girls using the kitchen, 2 fridges, the tv, and only 2 showers! Mel and I wanted our own space. We had been on the list for about a month and thought we would be on the list until early December so it was amazing that we got the call. They said we could get our keys and move on Saturday. I had to work at 3:30 that day so we got up early to get the keys and start moving. I managed to get all of my junk in the new (beautiful!) apartment before work that day. It was in a horrible pile, but I haven't been in the old apartment since then. Before we moved I took some pictures.

The next day I went on a cruise so I will post about that later.... you happy mum???

PS. I also started a youtube account not too long ago so all of my videos are on there. I think you should be able to get to it from here, but otherwise my name on it is Rachel24601.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting Closer to being caught up

Friday October 2 – I worked 4-10. When I was done work I changed and walked over to the Boardwalk Hotel. I got a bus from there to downtown Disney where I was meeting people to go see the Invention of Lying. The previews made the movie seem hilarious so we were all kind of disappointed when it wasn’t very good.

Saturday October 3 – I got up bright and early to go downtown Orlando. A bunch of people from Epcot were volunteering in the Heart Walk so I went. It was lots of fun because we just talked and sang as we walked. And we got Volunt-ear shirts and flags. Here are some pictures. After the walk I went home and had a nap before working from 4-10. This was my very last TCR shift. They have decided to have 2 UK people do it instead of 1 Canada and 1 UK. There are a few reasons they have for doing it and I am pretty excited. Also that day was AMAZING! A guest came to the cart to pin trade and he had a really cool one I had never seen. So we started talking about random Disney things, because it was from something that most people don’t know about and he was impressed. I think it may have been the Reluctant Dragon. So we talked for awhile and somehow got on to the topic of Disney legends that he has met. One that is actually good friends with is Richard Sherman!!! Richard and Robert Sherman are brothers who have written tons of songs for Disney. Including Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, The Aristocats and It’s a Small World. These guys are huge! Anytime mum hears a song she asks us who it is, we always answer Sherman and Sherman because when we were younger it usually was them. So you can imagine I freaked out a little when I heard this guest is friends with one of them. We had to stop talking because I had to go on my break. But a little later Cassandra gave me a piece of paper with his phone number saying that if I am ever in California I should call him and he can introduce me to some of his friends! He came in the store later that night to make sure I got his message and to reassure me that I can call him.

Sunday October 4 – I worked 10:30-4:30. Another change that was made is that the 2 opening people will come in at 10:30 instead of 10. Before work I called mum to tell her about my guest the day before. She wasn’t home so I left a message (well two actually, the machine cut me off). She called me back but since my phone was on vibrate I didn’t hear it. But her message was one of the funniest things I have ever heard! I let everyone listen to it for the next few days. Mel worked later than me that day and she said the guest came back in. She told him about Mum’s message which he found really funny. He told her that he was serious and that if I can come out in December he will take me to Richard Sherman’s Christmas party that he has every year! Sadly I can’t get time off in December. Movie night that night was Mel’s (not room mate) pick but she had a closing popcorn shift and got out really late. We decided since it was late and we hadn’t heard from her we would just put something on and let her watch her movie the following week. We decided to watch Anchorman which has to be one of the funniest movies ever made.

Monday October 5 – Happy Birthday to Nana!! I called her and of course she kept wanting to hang up saying my mum wasn’t home. Crazy lady doesn’t know that people may want to call her. That day I worked 10:30-4:30. At games that night we played Pictionary. My team kicked some serious butt. It was awesome!

Tuesday October 6 – I worked 10:30-4:30 again and met with Rob and Mel. DeAnna joined us because she got an Early Release (ER). We went the France bakery so they could grab something to eat and walked around a bit. We then got the bus and went to Patterson Court (the newest and nicest apartment complex). They were having a multicultural party. We went and got our free food, the theme was China and the food was pretty good. We sat talking for a little while and listened to the music. We then walked around for a little bit. Met Mulan, had our names written in Chinese, met Chip and Dale in the Chinese clothes and watched the Chinese acrobats. It was fun and I definitely enjoyed the free food! After, we walked to Bryce and Heather’s apartment and sat outside waiting for them. We had plans to watch Rent really loudly and sing along. Heather also had Canadian iced tea (which I have missed) and popcorn. It was tons of fun. Here are pictures from the day.

Wednesday October 7 – I was off. Mel (not roommate), Rob and I went to Blizzard Beach. It was the perfect day for it and we had lots of fun. I especially loved going on the group raft slide because we could see all of Walt Disney World from up there. I really wish I had a waterproof camera because it would be a really pretty picture. Mel (roommate) wanted to go to Carrabas so we went there and a little later I watched Yes Man with Jim Carey. Such a funny movie!

Thursday October 8 – I went to Universal Studios with Heather, Bryce, Cynthia and Maggie (one of the attractions coordinators. We were only there for a few hours but we managed to get on quite a few rides. I also learned a fun fact. The palm trees at Seuss landing are all crooked. Those trees were originally in southern Florida but were hit by a hurricane that bent them. They wouldn’t grow straight again so Universal bought them and moved them up because that is perfect for the Dr. Seuss part of the park. We also saw the new Harry Potter part they are building that I took some pictures of. I will be so upset if it isn’t done by the time I have to leave.

Friday October 9 – I worked 3:30-9:30. Mel and I were planning on going to Carrabas for dinner after work but we were invited to the Olive Garden with all of the attractions people. We got a ride home from work and quickly changed and went out again. They have this really good deal where you can get unlimited pasta for $8.95 so nearly all of us did that. Our waiter was really nice and let us all get a second bowl (because the first one is pretty big) and gave us take out containers. We also put the break sticks in the containers so we all had really good lunches the next day.

Saturday October 10 – I worked 12:30-9. I can’t remember if I did anything after work. I know I saw Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D at some point so maybe I did that after work.

Sunday October 11 – I worked 10:30-4:40. Dan, DeAnna and I hung out for a little while before movie night. We watched the food network. There was a challenge on and then Iron Chef America. It is such a good show. That night was Mel’s pick for movie night. Or her makeup pick and she chose the old Batman movie. I was so tired that night for some reason and didn’t last very long before I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the movie and went home.

Monday October 12 – I worked 10:45-4:45 but got an ER at 3. Joanne, mum’s friend, had been in town for a few days but I hadn’t seen her yet. She finally stopped by when I was working so we had a good chat. It was Canadian Thanksgiving so we told lots of guests about it. Most were confused and thought we were crazy celebrating Thanksgiving in October. A little while after getting home Mel, Sean and I went to Publix. The restaurant at Epcot was putting on a potluck for all of the cast members. They were making the few main things and everyone else was bringing stuff. I still didn’t know what I was going to make until I walked around the store for awhile. I decided on chocolate covered strawberries. We then came back to the commons and all made our food over at Sean’s. Mine was really easy to make because I found some chocolate stuff that you just have to microwave and it’s set. It was a little more money but so much easier. I couldn’t believe the amount of food that had been brought to the dinner. Our managers were there and nearly everyone in the pavilion so it was lots of fun. They also had prizes that they gave out. I won a Vivaldi CD. The picture is of DeAnna being fed some of her dinner.

Tuesday October 13 – I worked 10:45-4:45. Mel and Rob met me after work and we went over to the Yacht and Beach Club Resort. Joanne was staying there and gave me a room key so that we could go swimming. We hung out in the room for awhile then went to the pool. This hotel has the best pool in all of Walt Disney World. It is all sand on the bottom which is weird but really cool. The first thing we did was go down the slide. It was weird when you landed at the bottom and felt the sand. So we swam around there for a bit then went to the second pool! Yep second! There are actually 3 different pools. The first one has the slide and is a pretty consistent depth. The second one starts at about 4 feet then goes to 9 or 10 feet. It is in a circle and has a current. There are tubes you can rent to go around that pool but we swam it instead. It was a really good workout! The third pool is really shallow and is pretty much for kids to play in the sand. After we spent a lot of time in the pools we went into one of the two hot tubs. It was REALLY hot but felt good. We then left and went back to the room to change. We had spent ages in the pool so we were hungry. We decided to walk over to the Boardwalk to get something to eat. After wandering for a bit we decided to go to this grill place and I had a really good quesadilla. When we were done we walked to Hollywood Studios to get the bus home.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I know, I know!

So last week I got a message from Stephen asking (or more like telling) me to update this. I guess I will listen to him and tell you everything that has been happening the last month.

Wednesday September 23 – I was off so Craig, Kim and I went to Typhoon Lagoon. It was lots of fun especially since I have only been there for about half an hour with Sarah and David in July. We did everything, even spending quite a bit of time in the wave pool. Kim really liked going out to the deepest part but the waves were a little too strong for Craig and I. By around 2 we decided we were done and went to catch the bus. We were all hungry so we got off at Downtown Disney and went to Earl of Sandwich. This was my first time there and I can’t wait to go back again. They have gourmet sandwiches that are really good. It is hard to describe but I was pretty full after. Later that night Mel wanted to go to Carrabas so of course I went. It was so long ago and I have been there quite a few times I can’t remember who went that time.

Thursday September 24 – I was off again and it was the first day of the Spend a Little, Save Alot sale, Or SALSA sale. I went with Dan and Jeremy and bought a lot of stuff. It was at Disney’s World Wide of Sports which is one of the few places here that I’ve never been so it was cool to see. After the sale we went to Sweet Tomatoes, a fresh buffet style restaurant. They have a huge salad bar, lots of soups, fresh bread and a really good ice cream bar with fresh brownies. It is really vegetarian friendly which is the best part. A little bit after I got home I left again to go to Epcot with Mel (not room mate but a different Mel) and Rob to do a few rides and see the Cast Preview of the Food and Wine festival that is going on until November 8. When we got to Epcot we took the bus around to the front of the park and took a few pictures as we entered. We went straight to Test Track to get a fast pass since Rob had never been on it before. We then went to Club Cool which is a place to try pop from all around the world. Next stop was Soarin’ which had a really long line but since we share a break trailer with the cast members who work there we were able to get a special fast pass and bypass the line. I think that was Rob’s first time on it but I can’t remember. As usual it was excellent. Then we went to ride test track which was also really good. Finally we headed towards World Showcase to try some of the Food and Wine. (or just the food). We started at the Greece booth where I had a Spanikopita, yummy!! At that point DeAnna and Rhonda were off work so the 5 of us headed off around the world. I think our next stop was in Japan for some sushi. I was pretty mad that they didn’t have any vegetarian sushi at the booth. I think the next thing that I bought were perogies from the Poland booth. It was good but definitely not worth the money it cost. But since then some of us have had huge cravings for perogies. They are too good and I miss the fresh ones from Thunder Bay. After I went home a few of us watched the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy! Yay! Then even later we had a throw in. It was very entertaining because we got a boy in merch (before it was just a ton of girls) and DeAnna did a hilarious dance for him. Here are the pictures from that day.

Friday September 25 – I worked 4 to 10 and then went over to Craigs to watch the first Halloween movie. Or I think that’s what movie it was. A couple of the new guys came by so I talked with them through most of the movie. Fine by me, I was scared and didn’t really to watch the movie.

Saturday September 26 – I worked 3:30 to 9:30. I can’t remember if I did anything later that night.

Sunday September 27 – I worked 10 to 4. After I got home I met up with DeAnna, Ashley and Dan who had hung out that day. We sat around for awhile and then decided to go to Cici’s Pizza for some food. Cici’s is a pizza buffet that is really cheap. It is also really bad so I don’t think I will be going back. We then went back to Dan’s and watched Howard the Duck (a weird movie from the 80's) before movie night. That night was Craig’s pick so we watched A Very Brady Sequel. It was fun to watch, and to heard all of Craig’s random facts about the Brady Bunch.

Monday September 28 – I worked 1045-7:15. I had a guest come and talk to me at the cart who said she had met my Aunt Bonnie. I don’t have an Aunt Bonnie so I was really confused. She started saying how she met her at the Disney Store in Toronto and it clicked. My mum has a friend, Joanne, who works at the Disney Store. She talks to people about how I’m working down here and when this lady asked how she knew me it was easiest to say I’m her niece rather than try to explain. The lady was really nice and we had a good talk about Toronto. I also had someone who is pretty high up in Epcot International Programs come to the cart and talk to Amanda and I. It was kind of cool to meet her and a few days later she sent us each a little gift. Mine was a notebook with an R on the front and a note from her. Later on was games night but I can’t remember what we played.

Tuesday September 29 – I worked 10-4 and brought a change of clothes to meet Mel and Alana to go around food and wine. We were standing at the Canada popcorn cart when someone came up to me and said my name, it was the lady from the day before who recognized me out of costume, though it took me a minute to recognize her. I feel so bad when that happens, but we see so many people for really short amounts of time so I can’t remember everyone. After that Mel, Alana and I went over to the American Gardens theatre and watched Richard Marx play. I had no idea who he was until he played his last song. The joy of one hit wonders! We walked around the world twice that night stopping to watch a lady make candy animals in Japan, watch the Canada video, take fun pictures at the Canada cart, belly dance in Morocco, play with drums at the African Outpost, play with puppets in Mexico and of course eating lots of good food. More pictures!

Wednesday September 30 – I was off and Mel, Alana, Jeremy and I went to Hollywood Studios. Mel and Jeremy had never ridden Tower of Terror so we took them on that. Jeremy was not impressed with us at all and kept telling us how much he hated us. But he didn’t chicken out and he survived. The picture of the two of them gripping each other is amazing. Next stop was Rockin’ Roller Coaster, this time it was Mel and Alana who had never been on. Alana was terrified to go on it but she also survived. We did a few other things at Studios but then decided to walk to Epcot to enjoy some more food and wine. Pictures from that day.

Thursday October 1 – I was off again and Rob, Mel (not room mate), Alicia and I went to Magic Kingdom. It was Walt Disney World’s birthday so we all wore birthday buttons. It is crazy how many cast members just see them and say Happy Birthday. I think we only had a few people all day who read it and commented. First we went up the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house. Then went on my favourite ride, The Jungle Cruise!!!! It is so corny I love it. Then we went to go watch the parade. I ran to get us fast passes for Splash Mountain. When I came back the special Snow White thing had started. Since they were celebrating the re-release of Snow White the parades were started with her and her prince in a carriage and the 7 dwarves and a little float promoting the movie. After that was over we got impatient waiting for the parade so we went and rode Splash Mountain. I love that ride! The timing was perfect when we got off because the parade was just reaching Frontierland so we got to watch it. We went and rode the Haunted Mansion and It’s a Small World. We then went to Tomorrowland and rode Buzz Lightyear and went and saw the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor. That is also corny humour and interacts with the audience. We were hungry then so we wandered around for ages to get something to eat. But since there was a Halloween party that night most places were closed. I ended up just getting fries because there was nothing else for me to eat and the others had some chicken wings I think. Or something like that. I then helped Mel get her costume ready because she was going to the party and the rest of us headed home. I think I did something that night but I really can’t remember. One last batch of pictures.

I know I'm not all caught up yet but this is better then nothing. I need to put more pictures on facebook first.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Big Post

Wow I am really behind! It is hard to actually sit down and write about what I am doing. I’m going to try to remember as much as possible.

Wednesday September 16 – I originally was supposed to work from 3:30 – 9:30 but after our little appreciation thing on Sept 8th we had for all of the merchandise people, I switched to work 10-4. The show was at 6:30 so I changed at work and walked over to the Beach Club Resort to catch the bus to Downtown Disney. I had asked if Alana wanted to come see it so I met her there. I had seen Cirque when I last came down on vacation in 2008, but was too focused on understanding the story line (apparently there is one, but I don’t get it). So this time I didn’t even think about it and I enjoyed it a lot more. We had really good seats, I was in the front row and fairly close to the centre of the stage. Alana was right behind me. After Cirque, Alana and I walked around Downtown Disney for AGES! All of the merch people had decided to have a dinner since we haven’t all hung out and it would be fun. Unfortunately, since the last person working finishes at 10 we planned to have this dinner at 11. Cirque du Soleil is a fairly short show, so Alana and I walked around from around 8 until we met everyone at 11. It was fun though because there is a lot that goes on at night time that we could watch. There was a dance party going on at the stage they have. It was really funny to see some of the dances that people came up with. Of course we went into Ghiradelli’s for our free chocolate. Yum!

We met everyone at House of Blues for our dinner and had lots of fun. I had pasta that had a wine sauce, but instead of a pasta sauce it was more like a soup. It was good but the soup thing was just really weird so I don’t think I’ll get that again.

Thursday September 17 – I worked from 12:45-9:30. It was nice long shift. I like those shifts because they seem more useful. I usually get 6 hour shifts and they seem so short and pointless.

Friday September 18 – Day off!! Amanda, Katrina and I wanted to go to Animal Kingdom since there were a few rides there that they hadn’t done. We had a late start and finally got to the park after 12. We got fast passes for Everest, then went and rode Kali River Rapids. It was kind of disappointing because it was very hot and we didn’t get too wet. It was the kind of day I needed mum to be there because then we would have been soaked. We rode Everest, which they both enjoyed, then went and rode dinosaur. I love that ride, I think it is one of the few that still scares me. We went back and rode Kali River Rapids again, and again didn’t get that wet. Then we went on the safari. After then safari we decided we had done everything we wanted to do at Animal Kingdom and went to Hollywood Studios. The line for Tower of Terror was pretty long so we got fast passes and went and rode Rockin’ Roller Coaster. The line for that was pretty long so we went in the single rider line. By chance Amanda and I ended up sitting beside each other, so that was fun. Then Katrina and I rode Tower of Terror. I love that ride! That is the second ride that still scares me. Umm after that we did a few other things, the Muppet show, the Little Mermaid show AND meet Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars! I think that’s it. We then decided to head over to Epcot to watch Illuminations. We took the boat over then went and talked to some Canadians, watched Illuminations, then walked around for a bit. It was extra magic hours so things were open for resort guests and since we know the people in the Canada movie they let us watch it. That was only my second time watching it since I got here. We sat down on the side to watch it from a different angle. It is a 360 degree show so you are always moving to see everything around you. I love it! Martin Short is so funny in it and it makes me love Canada. (Yeah I have gotten very patriotic living here). After the movie we walked around for a bit then Amanda and I walked to the Beach Club to get the bus to Downtown Disney. We were meeting people there to go see Love Happens the new Jennifer Aniston movie. It was good, but not nearly as good as I was expecting it to be. Plus the theatre was freezing! I’m sick of the air conditioning down here! Here are the pictures from that day.

Saturday September 19 – Mel, DeAnna and I had made plans to go to Le Cellier to eat there. It is the restaurant in Canada and the number 1 restaurant in all of Walt Disney World. It just recently became number 1. It is really hard to get reservations to eat there and very rare that they allow walk ups. Luckily they were able to squeeze us in. Before we went there we went and got fast passes for Test Track. We then went and checked into the restaurant. We had some time before they started seating so we went and watched the Canada movie. Then we went back to the restaurant for a few minutes before they did their morning tradition of singing Oh Canada. It was a little weird to hear the real song because we have a variation that we sing at Throw Ins. We then sat down and tried to decide what to have for lunch. It was fun being cast members there because a lot of the people came to say hi and give us suggestions. Sadly for me, the only vegetarian option is gnocchi. We also got some cream cheese mashed potatoes, they were so good, and I could have eaten a huge bowl of them. Mel and DeAnna both got the cheese soup. I hear tons of people rave about it so I had to try just a spoonful. It has bacon in it so I tried to get a bit without the bacon. I think I would have liked the soup if it wasn’t for the bacon. The gnocchi was ok, but I am really picky about stuff like that so I probably won’t get it again. DeAnna got a couple of the desserts to try. One had too much maple in it, but the chocolate moose (yes, in the shape of a moose) was pretty good. After lunch, we were stuffed! We went and got fast passes for Soarin’ then went and rode Test Track. The timing was perfect so we rode Soarin’ after that. We then decided to walk around the world a bit. We stopped in Morocco to get a drink. While around Morocco we got really excited that we could watch Off Kilter (the Celtic rock band that Canada has). We were really upset when we remembered that they have Saturdays off. So we continued on our way and stop in the U.K. to visit with people we knew. When we stopped in we saw that Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger were there so we got in line to meet them. They had to go for a little break so we stood around waiting. The girl who was working with the characters was one of the least energetic cast members I have ever seen. She looked like she hated her job. Maybe she was having a bad day, but that makes me angry to see cast members like that. I think I may just have really high standards. After we met the characters we noticed that the British Invasion band was going to play soon. They are a band that dresses and plays a lot of Beatles music. We stayed for about half a song before leaving. It was a little too painful to watch. Then we went home. I don’t think I did anything that night. I was too tired from my days off. Here are the pictures from our day at Epcot.

Sunday September 20 – I worked 10:45-4:45. That night we had movie night and watched Super Troopers.

Monday September 21 – I worked 12:45-9:30. Games was that night and we played a question game. Everyone had a piece of paper and would write a question, we would then fold the paper over so the question was hidden and pass the paper to the next person. On the new paper we got we wrote our answer to the question we wrote, folded the paper again, and passed it on. We did this until the papers were full then read them out. Some of the questions and answers were pretty funny, but others weren’t.

Tuesday September 22 – I worked from 4-10. It was the first day of Autumn and crazy hot! I don’t think I did anything in the morning, but after work some people wanted McDonalds and I wanted ice cream so I went along. Sadly, they closed at 11 that night so we had to keep going to 7/11. On our walk there Craig, Kelly, Rob and I were talking about if we were in a horror movie who would get killed first. I got a banana popsicle at 7/11! It was sooooo good. I haven’t had one in ages.

Ok I’m going to stop there! I will try to update closer together!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm not so great with keeping this updated, sorry!

Saturday September 12 – Ashley, DeAnna and I drove out to the NASA Kennedy Space Station. Ashley rented a car so obviously we rocked out to some classic Disney music. I don’t even know how to describe the Space Station. I’m not a huge fan of space. I think it is a little bit of a waste of money. (sorry, but why do we need to know if there is life on Mars??) But it was really cool to go there. I learned a lot and have a ton of fun. When we got there the first thing we did was take the bus tour all around. It took ages but was really interesting. The bus stops at 3 different places. One to get a view of the building where they put a shuttle together with the rocket and the launching pads. The second has something about the first american mission into space (with people)... I think. There is also a shuttle and showing the first landing on the moon. The third stop is a building about the space station. There are windows into a big room where they are actually building stuff for the space station. We then took the bus back to the main center where Ashley rode the mission to mar type thing. She said they watched a few videos and then felt what it was like to launch to mars. While she did that Deanna and I went into a shuttle like the ones they use to take big pieces up to the space station and a little store and took stome pictures. When Ashley caught up with us we went into the main gift shop. Apparantly it is the biggest store with space souvenirs. We rushed through there quickly so we could catch the last Imax movie. We were in there so much longer than we needed to be because the cashiers were horribly, horribly slow! It was painful, even if we didn't want to get into the Imax. So we rushed over the the Imax building and got in. The lady said they were letting people in for two more minutes! Perfect timing! The video we saw was on the space station. It was in 3D and narrated by Tom Cruise. It was really good to see. After the Imax we left (because it closed at 5:30 and the show got out at 5:45). Our ticket also included entrance into the astronaut hall of fame but they closed at 6:30 so we would have only had 15-20 minutes in there. So instead we went to get something to eat. There wasn't too much on the road we were on so we decided on Denny's. I haven't eaten there in years but it was really good. We then drove home listening to some Disney music on my Ipod before putting it on the Hairspray soundtrack and singing along to that. I posted pictures so that will probably help things make more sense.

Sunday September 13 – I worked 10-7:15 and then went to movie night later on. We watched a movie called Bella that I had never heard of. I couldn’t stay awake to watch the whole thing but Dan has lent it to me so I will finish it.

Monday September 14 – I worked at 3:30 so Jeremy came over and we watched Dexter. A TV show about a serial killer. Sarah and Andy talked about it non-stop so I was glad to watch the first couple episodes. After work was games night. We played Things in a Box again which was lots of fun....even though I didn’t get any points :(

Tuesday September 15 – Dan, Jeremy, Heather and I went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. It is a really good place that has a huge salad bar and lots of other fresh, vegetarian friendly food. PLUS we get a discount. There was lots of good food, including a sundae bar where Heather and I had ice cream with fresh brownies. Such a girl thing but it was really good. I then worked from 4-10 that night. Although it turned into later than 10 because TCR is a huge pain and breaks down all the time so we had to wait for food and beverage to finish before we could even start.